South Main Precinct police officer named Officer of the Year

A South Main Precinct police officer has been named MPD Officer of the Year. Officer Brian Falatko has been recognized for his intuition thwarting crime and finding suspects. Congratulations to Officer Falatko!

Slow news day, but that’s because I pretty much exhausted my supply of news last night when I made three posts. I bought one of the Texas de Brazil VIP cards I blogged about last night. All last year I ate brunch for cheap (well, cheap compared to their regular prices anyway) on friends’ cards, so I decided it was time to buy one myself and give back.

Change of plans for me tonight… I’d planned to go to Bardog for Wednesday night poker, but I have work to do instead. Last weeked I upgraded my web hosting account to PHP5, accidentally breaking all 110 of my Amazon affiliate websites. Fixing them isn’t hard – just gotta put a couple of lines in a php5.ini file and FTP it over – but I have to do it 110 times. Fixed about 40 sites last night. Need to get the other 70 done tonight. I see no reason why I can’t fix the sites while drinking beer, so I’ll probably grab the netbook and hit the Saucer after work.

I will try to make it to the Grizzlies watch party at Bardog at 9:30. Go Grizz, although if it will help us avoid the Lakers I’m not so sure I’d mind a loss tonight.