It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

No, it’s not Christmas. It’s better than Christmas. Tube Top Month has arrived!

Six years ago, I decided to devote an entire month of my blog, the month of June, to tube tops. Tube tops, in my opinion (and many others agree), are the single greatest fashion item in the history of the world. For the entire month, every blog post mentioned tube tops or contained a tube top photo, no matter how irrelevant tube tops were to the content of the post.

The first Tube Top Month was a success and I’ve repeated it every year since. There have been tube top rooftop parties and tube top nights at clubs. In 2010, my friends Dennis and Mary Pat made an outstanding suggestion: Why not expand Tube Top Month to include Memorial Day weekend and Independence Day weekend? So I did. Therefore, Tube Top Month begins at 5 PM on May 27 this year.

Ladies, I’ll have the camera with me all month long. If you want to be on the blog, just put on a tube top and find me. Let’s make this the best Tube Top Month ever!

Tube Top Month kickoff party happens NOW, at South Main Trolley Night. Put on a tube top and get down there!