The celebration continues

The celebration of life Downtown continued Saturday. Here are a few pics. I started the afternoon at the Saucer, where a double plate party was happening.

Bicycle Bobby unveils his 9th plate
Gary has the most plates of anyone at the Memphis Saucer. He's been through the Ring of Honor 15 times. That's 3000 beers! Gary, by the way, is about to be a Downtowner, so he'll finish his 16th plate even more quickly.
Dennis and Bob discuss Hawaiian shirt fashion. Dennis came up with the idea to include Memorial Day weekend in Tube Top Month.
Mary Pat modeling a tube top
Next stop was Barton Flats rooftop to watch the fireworks. They don't have a pool on the rooftop, so we brought our own.
Our view of Tom Lee Park from Barton Flats
Our next stop was Rehab Disco for night 2 of Joe's birthday party. One of our friends was very happy for the chance to hang out at Rehab, so she didn't have to go to crappyoke night in South Main. "I HATE karaoke," she told me.
All he needs is a couple of horns and Chad would look like Satan incarnate in this pic.

I wished I hadn’t been so drunk by the time I got to Rehab, because I only lasted an hour there. I seriously don’t know why I don’t spend more time in that place on the weekends. It’s a fun little club. If anyone ever wants to go hit me up, I’m game.

I wonder if bars and clubs suffer from a lack of revenue Saturday and Sunday nights of Memorial Day weekend, because people start drinking early in the day and are too tired to stay out late? Certainly happened in my case.

By the way: I’m noticing a disturbing trend on Facebook. Ladies are laying out by the pool, and posting a photo of their feet facing the pool. We don’t care about your stupid feet!!! We want a full-on shot of you in a bikini, front view, back view and side view. Please try to do better with this!

And now it’s Sunday. Time to go to church. Just kidding! Another day, another rooftop, another 12-pack of PBR.