Madison has been closed far too long because of crumbling building

Yesterday the Commercial Appeal had an article entitled Portion of Madison Avenue Downtown lies forsaken. Since March 26 when a building collapsed, Madison has been closed between Main and Second, impeding traffic and shutting down the trolley route. I agree with the article: It has taken far too long for this to be taken care of. CCC president Paul Morris cited a property tax loophole that encourages owners of blighted buildings to keep them as worthless as possible. That needs to be changed. I hope the owner of the building faces some kind of fine for keeping a major thoroughfare blocked for over two months. He probably won’t though.

Three trivia nights Downtown tonight: Silly Goose (8:00), Ferraro’s (8:00), and Flying Saucer (7:00). I’m going to give the Goose another try after having a good time there last week, and because it’s probably the best of the three for tube top sightings. Charles keeps it on schedule and gets done by 9:30, so it’s possible to play trivia and still get a full night’s sleep.