Recap of last night

I started last night at the newly SMOKE-FREE Flying Saucer. It was wonderful. The air in the Saucer no longer resembled the sky in Los Angeles. I could BREATHE. It was so different. As for people’s claims that the Saucer would be dead now that it’s no-smoking, I arrived to find about 10 of my friends there. They’d been there all afternoon. Some had taken a half-day off; others had their laptops and were using the Saucer’s Wi-Fi to work (must be nice).

At 8:00 I moved down the street to Kooky Canuck for their Canada Day celebration. They had a poutine eating contest and my friends Joe and Jason were in it.

The Canadian flag was on all the tables at Kooky
The contestants await the starting signal
Shawn wasn't an official contestant but participated anyway. Given the number of competitive eaters that have been in his restaurant the past 6 years, he's surely picked up a few tips.
Joe, about 6 minutes through the 8-minute contest. "Imagine you're the Nuh-Uh Girl!" I screamed at him, cheering him on. "It's FREE! Eat!"
Later in the evening, back at the smoke-free Saucer, posing for a pic with BFFs Darbi and Kristin. Don't forget, Tube Top Month is not over! It extends through the July 4 weekend.