And the streak comes to an end…

Tomorrow the Memphis Flyer’s “Best Of” issue hits the stands. I didn’t receive tickets to their annual “Best Of” party two weeks prior, which means for the first time since 2005 I didn’t place in the Best Blog category. I’m actually OK with it. I’m not going to lie, winning is fun (TM Josh Pastner), but I’ve been there, done that enough times.

Tell ya a quick story. A few weeks ago, I was standing at my usual spot at the bar at the Saucer, and a guy came up and introduced himself. He had just moved from a new city (Miami I think?) because he had a job offer here. “I really wasn’t sure whether I wanted to take the job and move to Memphis,” he told me, “but then I found your blog and started reading it, and I realized there’s a lot going on here.” That’s really cool, to know that the good things I’ve written about Downtown Memphis made a big difference in someone’s life. At this stage in my blog’s life, that means more to me than winning the award. Thanks to all who read my blog, and those who did vote for me. As for my prediction who will win, I would be shocked if it’s not Kerry. Her blog has opened people’s eyes to a ton of cool things happening in Memphis.

I do think she’ll be knocked out of the top spot as best Twitterer, though. Grizzlies guard Tony Allen’s tweets are absolute works of art.

After voting closed, I meant to do a “who I voted for” post but never got around to it. Let me see what I can remember… I know I voted for the Majestic Grille in about umpteen categories (best restaurant, patio, martini and a few others I can’t think of right now). For Best Service, I had to go with Bardog, since it’s rare that I get more than a few steps in the door before the bartender is holding up a beer for me. Jean from Bardog was my pick for Best Server.

Saucer was my vote for Best Beer Selection and Best Bar.

For Best Lunch and Best New Restaurant, I went with LUNCHBOXeats.

I really hope that Michele Fields of Max’s Sports Bar gets the recognition she deserves as Best Bartender this year. She was my vote. Max’s was my vote for best place to watch sports.

For Best Memphis Success, the choice was clear – the Grizzlies. I didn’t vote for Best Memphis Failure, but I look forward to voting for R.C. Johnson next year if he’s still around.

It will be funny if the Blue Monkey wins Best Karaoke Bar two days after announcing they’re doing away with karaoke. If they do win, I hope they don’t take it as a sign that they should bring it back.

Can’t wait to grab a Flyer after work tomorrow and see who are the winners. Congratulations in advance to all who placed.

Apologies for the lack of a lunchtime blog post. Our fiber optic cable got severed at work, and we didn’t have Internet access until the cable was replaced around 4:15. I had Internet through my phone, but trying to do a long post via the WordPress iPhone app was more work than I wanted to attempt.

The Memphis Tigers Facebook fan page is censoring negative comments about their players, coaches, and administration. My prediction is that the page will have a starring role in “What Not To Do In Social Media” presentations over the next 12 months. I guess the U of M’s marketing department is as incompetent as their athletic department.

Time to go get a beer. If anyone wants to play trivia tonight, shoot me a text. If I don’t hear from anyone I’m probably not going over there.