Tue update: China Restaurant closes, alternate names for Bleu, SMA meeting tonight, Shaq Goodwin

The Memphis Daily News blog reported that China Restaurant has gone out of business. The restaurant was open for 16 years on Jefferson, just east of Second next door to the Hospitality Hub. When I worked Downtown, I ate there now and then, and appreciated the restaurant’s very affordable prices. My favorite was the Singapore Fried Rice which was a daily special (on Thursday I think). Sad to see the place go. Maybe they faced increasing competition from Thai Bistro a couple of blocks south.

The Daily News blog also posted a list of possible names that were considered for Bleu, the new restaurant in the Westin. Names that were rejected included Cara, The Gin, Amuse, and Celebrities. I’m not a big fan of focus groups usually, but they did a good job picking Bleu. Most of the other proposed names absolutely suck.

If you’re an SMA member, don’t forget that the monthly meeting is tonight at the Green Beetle. They’re electing officers for 2012 and I have a feeling this will be a rather interesting meeting.

Huge congratulations to Josh Pastner and the Memphis Tigers. High school senior power forward Shaq Goodwin, one of the top prospects in the nation, announced his decision this morning to play for the U of M.

That’s all for now… time for a Taco Bell run then back to work for the afternoon. Researching the new Google+ pages for businesses today.