Wed update: Snuggie Pub Crawl, Downtown Dining Week, COGIC convention, WWII on Twitter

The annual Snuggie Pub Crawl is only two days away. The crawl will stop at Kooky Canuck, BB King’s, Club 152, Silky’s, Rum Boogie, and Alfred’s. I’ve done this the past two years, and it is a great way to be creative and meet new friends. It’s also a fundraiser for LeBonheur Children’s Hospital. Participants must be 21 and wearing a Snuggie. (I’m going to have my Arkansas Razorbacks Snuggie on.) Tickets are $15 in advance (advance sales cut off tomorrow), $20 at the door. Check their Facebook page for more info. Buy tickets here.

Downtown Dining Week starts Sunday, and a number of restaurants will offer 3-course menus for $20.11. Jennifer Biggs has a guide to navigating DDW in her Whining & Dining blog. I’m pleased to see more restaurants have been added since I last posted. I’m going to make a recommendation: Go to Rizzo’s Diner and have Chef Michael Patrick’s cheeseburger soup, chorizo meatloaf, and whichever dessert appeals to you. I promise you, that’s a meal you can’t go wrong with. Remember, these restaurants will fill up, so make reservations as early as possible.

Biggs also raises a good point: Please take good care of your servers. They will be pushed to the max as they serve full restaurants for seven days. Please recognize their hard work by tipping generously. 15% of $20.11 is $3, but $3 is really a pretty lousy tip when you’re really eating $35 worth of food. If I go to any of the DDW nights, my tip will be more toward the $6 range, plus extra if I order any booze. And let’s face it, you know I will order booze.

The full Downtown Dining Week restaurant list can be viewed here.

In other news, COGIC announced that their annual convention will remain in St. Louis through 2013. Who’da thunk I’d ever mention lousy tipping and COGIC in the same blog post?

Really, really cool Twitter account I learned about this morning: An account that will live-tweet the events of World War II over a six-year period. They’re at the beginning in 1939, right now. What a neat way for history fans to get deep into the events of the Second World War. Follow the account at @RealTimeWWII.

Plans for tonight: I’m going to play a game called Beer with Friends. No, it’s not a smartphone app. I’ll be at the Saucer around 6 PM. Right now, it’s time to go munch some Chinese food.