Final table

About 7:15 I was hanging out at the Flying Saucer, and the text notification went off on my phone. “You’re at the final table,” it said.

It was from Poker Jon, who runs the poker league at the Silly Goose and Bardog. Nightly prizes are awarded for the Goose game (10:00 Monday) and the Bardog game (7:30 Wednesday), but points are also awarded depending on how far you advance on any given night. Every 10 weeks the top 9 point earners advance to the “final table” for the chance to win a big cumulative prize. This time it was a seat to a major tournament in Tunica later this month.

Jon had told me Monday that I made the final table, but given the amount of beers I’d had by that point he could’ve told me I won a pet rhinoceros and I wouldn’t have remembered. I’m glad he texted. I tabbed out at the Saucer and ran over to Bardog and claimed my seat. The final table is a deeper-stacked tournament than Jon’s weekly games, with players starting with stacks of 15,000 chips rather than the usual 2500. I came in 4th, not good enough to claim a prize, but I was at least pleased that I outlasted several players who I highly respect.

After I got eliminated: Heads up action with Jon dealing
Final table winner Josh

Josh (pictured above) completely ran over the final table and ended up with all the chips. Congratulations and good luck in Tunica!