Sat update: Lockout over, Memphis in May headquarters, Barking Lot, another beer recommendation, stuff to do today

It looks like the Grizzlies will be going back to work! The NBA owners and players have reached a tentative agreement that would start the season on Christmas, with 66 games. The agreement has to be approved by a majority of owners and players, but it is said that approval is likely to happen. If approved, training camps and free agency would start on December 9. Hopefully the Grizzlies’ first order of business will be to RE-SIGN MARC GASOL!!!

The Memphis Business Journal reports that Memphis in May has bought one of Prince Mongo’s buildings on Front Street. The Cotton Row building will serve as a permanent home for the organization. Good move, and one that underscores the success Memphis in May has had the past quarter century.

Good news for dog owners and art lovers in the Downtown core: The CA reports that the empty lot at Main and Jefferson, once the home of Jack’s Food Store before it burned in 2003, will become The Barking Lot. Dog owners will be able to take their dogs for walks there, and former UrbanArt Commission chairman John Weeden is consulting with the owners of the lot for art possibilities. There will also be space for food trucks to park, and for people to eat. The lot opens December 10.

Congratulations to LSU, who soundly defeated the Razorbacks yesterday. I’m now changing my mind and rooting for Alabama to beat Auburn today. If Bama wins, we will likely have a national title match between two SEC teams who are without a doubt the best in the country.

Stuff to do today: It’s Small Business Saturday, so why not stroll the shops on Main and pick out some Christmas presents? It’s also the first annual Big Wheel Race on Beale Street from 1 to 4. If you want a couple of live music picks, how about Blind Mississippi Morris and Brad Webb at the Center for Southern Folklore (8 PM), and FreeWorld at the Flying Saucer (9:30 PM). If you want to dance, there’s an “I  the ’80s” party at Mollie Fontaine Lounge from 11 PM to 3 AM with “Diamond” Dave Nestler and Justin Hand.

Got another beer recommendation for you, although I didn’t take a pic this time: Abita 25th Anniversary. I printed a ticket for this beer Thursday night at the Saucer, then tore it up after reading that Turbo Dog was the inspiration for it. If you’re a long-time reader of my blog, you know that I’ve compared the taste of Turbo Dog to rhinoceros urine and the sweat off an elephant’s ass. However, the description of the brewing process of 25th Anniversary was intriguing, with flavors of vanilla beans, caramel and chocolate. I got on Facebook yesterday and asked if it was any good, and after getting two votes in its favor, I gave it a try. That is one delicious beer! If you plan to try it, I should mention that it comes in a big bottle (22 oz. I think). It’s 7% alcohol by volume, so you won’t find it at the grocery store.

Plans for today: Beyond the fact that I’m starving and in the mood for chili mac at Cockadoos, I really don’t have plans. I’ll probably go watch the Big Wheel race for a while, and stop in the Saucer at some point (120th consecutive day). Later I’ll decide if I feel like catching a cab out to Mollie Fontaine’s for their ’80s night.