Mon update: R.C. retiring, Electric Cowboy, Christine by Shelton Clothiers closing, Hollywood Disco sold

BREAKING NEWS: R.C. Johnson is retiring at the end of the fiscal year! Best news for Memphis Tigers athletics in a long, long time!

Well, a wonderful four day weekend has come to an end. I prefer sitting at a bar to sitting in a cubicle, but being back at work is not a bad thing… got to make that money so I can write a check for December rent in three days!

I guess the first thing I’ll do is recap my Saturday night. Get ready for a shock… I LEFT DOWNTOWN MEMPHIS.

And get ready for a second shock… I went to a COUNTRY bar.

Yep, I was hanging at the Saucer with my friend Joe, and he said a group was going out to the Electric Cowboy off Sycamore View. Since I didn’t have plans, I figured, “why not,” and wandered over to Barton Flats to meet up with Joe and my friends Chad, Nikki, Mardoqueo, Robin and the Mad Hatter. Nikki lost a bet as a result of my showing up, and had to do a shot of tequila.

The club was actually very nice. Huge space, clean, reasonable beer prices, lots of pool tables. People were line dancing and two-stepping early on, but later in the evening it was mostly just regular dancing. I was impressed with Joe’s line dancing abilities; I did not dare get out there, since I don’t know any line dances. Was perfectly content to be a wallflower and drink beer. I checked in on Foursquare, which prompted a number of “what the hell?” reactions. Country music is not really my scene but it was a perfectly enjoyable Saturday night nonetheless. Thanks to the manager who came over and talked and told me all about the place. To steal a quote from Raiford, they made me feel more than welcome.

On to the news… Christine by Shelton Clothiers is closing. They will be closed Monday-Wednesday of this week, and then will open Thursday, December 1 with a 50% off sale. Good clothes buying and gift buying opportunity! By the way, men’s store Shelton Clothiers down the street is not closing, and in fact is still going strong.

Hollywood Disco at Main and Vance has been sold. They are getting rid of all the lighting, sound system, appliances, electronics and memorabilia to make room for the new owner’s plans. If you want to buy anything that was in Hollywood Disco, give Anthony a call at 901-692-7042.

The Tigers’ men’s basketball team hosts Jackson State tonight at the FedExForum. Game time is 7 PM. Go Tigers! That should produce a good crowd at Pint Nite before and after the game. Undecided whether I’ll stay at Pint Nite all night, or go next door to the Goose to play the 7:30 poker game.