Tue update: Bardog hearse on eBay, Daily News article on MemphisWeather.net, Majestic reminder, head coach recruiting firm

If you wanted to own the Bardog hearse, but didn’t win it in the Halloween night raffle, you have a second chance. The hearse’s winner is selling it on eBay. It’s a 1987 Cadillac Brougham hearse. I know the owner personally and he’s an honest guy, so contact him if you have questions about it. Auction ends 5 days from now.

The Daily News had an excellent an excellent article on MemphisWeather.net and meterologist Erik Proseus yesterday. Eric has become my favorite Memphis weatherman because of his knack for explaining technical weather terms in layman’s language. On rainy/snowy days I keep an eye on StormView radar on MemphisWeather.net. His @MemphisWeather1 account is a good one to follow, and he also has apps for iPhone and Android.

Just a quick reminder that the Majestic Grille half-off gift card sale happens tomorrow starting at 8:30 AM. You have to buy them in person, and usually they sell out by about noon. If you can’t get down there tomorrow morning, better make arrangements for someone to buy the cards for you. This is one of Downtown’s best deals of the year.

Eastman & Beaudine has been named as the firm that will search for the next University of Memphis head coach. Here’s a link to their “What We Do” for Collegiate Sports page.

I had fun playing poker at the Goose last night, even though I didn’t win. Shout-out to eventual winner Josh, who had an excellent read on me last night. After playing fairly tight all evening, I shoved all my chips in after missing a flop. Josh correctly guessed I didn’t have anything and his lowly pair of Deuces held up to eliminate me. Well played sir! I love that new 7:30 game, because even if I win, I’m done by 10 and can get a full night’s sleep.

All right, off to lunch. Thinking Quizno’s today. If more news comes in, I’ll do a second post after work.