Wed update: CBA/Grizzlies, Tony Allen’s tweets, Digital Copywriter position Downtown, Stumbling Santa, Twinterview with Cardinals outfielder today, bad news for those with parking tickets

If you’re a Grizzlies fan, this blog post by Flyer writer Chris Herrington is a must-read. It spells out what the changes to the NBA collecting bargaining agreement will mean to the Grizzlies. In short, the CBA seems to be a good thing for our team. It will better enable us to compete against large-market teams like the Lakers, Dallas and Miami who don’t mind spending to the sky.

Speaking of the Grizzlies, Kerry from the I Love Memphis Blog has a new project where people read Tony Allen’s tweets aloud. Grizz guard Allen has one of the best Twitter accounts in the city (follow him at @aa000g9). Tony is a happy-go-lucky guy who is more concerned with putting his stream of consciousness on Twitter than about things like capitalization and punctuation. He loves his life and shares it with his fans through his tweets.

There’s a Digital Copywriter position available at Downtown firm archer>malmo. Read the description here. I have several friends who work or have worked there, and without exception they have told me it’s a great place to be. Office is right in the middle of the Downtown core, where you’d be able to walk to places like Majestic Grille, Front Street Deli, Bardog, and City Market for lunch. Free Cokes? That’s a perk I’d love to have.

Just want to remind everyone that the Stumbling Santa Pub Crawl is three days away. If you plan on participating, better find yourself a Santa suit (Party City has them). You also need to pick out a toy to bring with you, to donate to Porter-Leath. Details of the stops on the crawl have not been made public yet, other than it will start at the Flying Saucer at 6:30 PM Saturday, December 3. Follow the Stumbling Santa event page on Facebook to see the list of stops once the organizers get it figured out. One word about the pub crawl – it’s best to bring cash to buy drinks. Big delays can happen at the bars when 250 people, all of whom look like Santa, all try to tab out via credit card at the same time.

If you can’t make the pub crawl but still want to donate a toy, I imagine you could probably drop it off at the Saucer during the day Saturday, and they’ll make sure it finds its way to Porter-Leath with the others.

There’s a Twitter interview with Cardinals outfielder Jon Jay at 2 PM today, presented by the Memphis Redbirds. To participate you need to follow @memphisredbirds and @jonjayU. If you have questions to ask, tweet them to @memphisredbirds with hashtag #twinterview.

Got unpaid parking tickets? Better get them cleared up within the next month. If an ordinance passes City Council next week – and it’s expected to – the city court clerk’s office will start booting cars with 3 or more unpaid parking tickets. If the booting and ticket fees aren’t paid within 48 hours, cars will be impounded. The license plate scanning boxes on top of MPD cars will be used to identify violators. The Flyer has more details here.

All right time for a quick lunch then an exciting afternoon creating web photo galleries. I’ll be out somewhere tonight, Saucer or Goose I would imagine.