Black bean burger @ Huey’s

If you don’t want a traditional beef burger at Huey’s, they can accommodate. You can make any burger a chargrilled veggie, black bean, or turkey burger for 50 cents more. Vegetarians and non-red-meat-eaters have options.

I’m a meat eater, but after hearing numerous good things about the black bean burger, I decided to give it a try. I got it with Swiss cheese. And bacon. On the side I got fries, and I requested ranch instead of the usual ketchup for dipping. It is seriously damn good. It doesn’t taste that differently from a beef burger.

I didn’t take a pic (it’s half eaten as I type this) but what a delicious sandwich. Huey burger lovers, open your mind to the black bean patty.

Just be sure to top with bacon. And for bacon, there is no substitute. Bacon.

I would get it again.