Wed update: BBQ Fest, Hot Wing Fest, Sports 560 app, Life Is Good store, Bike to Work Day and more

The Flying Saucer's annual 4:20 glass goes on sale tonight at 7 PM. This appears to be a pretty cool design and will probably sell out, so get there early if you want one.

If you plan on attending any part of Memphis in May – Music Fest, BBQ Fest, or Sunset Symphony – for the first time, Kerry’s I Love Memphis Blog post on the ABCs of MiM is a must-read. She does a fantastic job laying out what you can expect, and what you need to know.

After an experience last weekend, I’d propose adding one to her list, though: E is for Evernote. Evernote is the free app for smartphones, tablets, and computers that can be used to take notes and sync them “in the cloud” to your other devices. Sunday I was at Rajun Cajun fest, and I had a couple of people tell me, “you’ve got to come visit our booth at BBQ Fest” and proceeded to tell me their team name. Like an idiot, I thought I’d remember the team names. You know what? It’s not easy when nearly every team has a name that’s some kind of cute play on words on pork, swine, hog, or barbecue. Add in the fact that I had a little beer to drink Sunday, and the result is that I have absolutely no idea what teams I was invited to. Since I always have my iPhone with me, I’m going to create a BBQ Fest Invites note in Evernote, and update it anytime I get invited to a booth. I’ll be able to use that list in combination with the Memphis in May app to find booths. The same thing could probably be done for Hot Wing Fest, Italian Fest, and other festivals involving cooking teams.

Anyway, that wasn’t the only extremely useful Kerry post today – she also put up a guide to Southern Hot Wing Fest in Jefferson Davis Park this Saturday. Great info on how the festival works, and proper etiquette to observe.

By the way, I’m looking for invites to hot wing team booths – send ’em to or hit me up on Facebook.

Sports fans: AM 560 in Memphis now has an app for iPhone and Android, and will release one soon for CrapBerry users. Listen to all the shows, including Edmiston and Askew in the mornings, the Sports Bar in the afternoons, and MSL Live on Saturdays.

The Life Is Good store in the Peabody Place office building (entrance on Main Street) will open this weekend, and will have a grand opening April 27-29. The store is family-owned by people who love Memphis, so please support it.

Friday, May 18 is Downtown Memphis Bikes to Work Day. Last year over 300 Memphians learned how easy it was to ride their bike to work within the 6.5 square miles of Downtown. There will be a Downtown Bike Expo from 11 AM to 1 PM in Court Square that day. “Like” the day on Facebook to keep up with the latest news.

I fully support the Bike to Work day but won’t be participating, because I won’t be riding my bike anywhere on the 18th! I’m off the entire week of the 14th-18th for BBQ Fest. This year I’m going to be more open to helping out with stuff that needs to get done the Saturday-Wednesday before BBQ Fest, although I’ll avoid heavy physical labor and anything that involves driving a car that week. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of bar time too!

Some of my teammates got talked into going to karaoke Saturday night after BBQ Fest last year. I tried to warn them but they went anyway and had to endure some of the most atrocious singing the human race has ever witnessed. I have good news: You won’t have to worry about karaoke this year. Thank goodness!

Plans for tonight: Nothing definite, other than a stop by the Blind Bear to get details on something I heard happened last night. Will most likely stop at the Saucer at some point too.