Tue update: Things going on tonight and tomorrow, and volunteer for Project Homeless Connect next week

I would like to point out that today is a most unusual day. It’s what I call an “effective weekend day,” a day which is followed by a day off for almost everyone. Because most holidays fall on Mondays, effective weekend days hardly ever happen on Tuesdays. When they do happen, they often suck – for example, Christmas Eve, when most of the bars are closed and people are busy with family obligations, or New Year’s Eve, which is Amateur Night. Really, just about the only time we get an effective weekend day on a Tuesday that people can enjoy is when Independence Day falls on a Wednesday.

So, if it’s the one time all year you’ll be able to make it Downtown on a Tuesday night, what to do? Probably my top recommendation would be to check out trivia with Kevin Cerrito at Ferraro’s Pizzeria and Pub. Kevin runs one of the best trivia nights in town. Beer is ridiculously cheap, at $1 for a PBR or Rolling Rock draft. Also, the food is really good – I’ve had both the pizza and calzones. The only reason I don’t get to this trivia night more often is because it’s kind of a far walk from home. If you’re driving, though, might as well drive to Ferraro’s. It’s at the corner of Jackson and Main and they have a parking lot. Trivia starts at 8 PM.

If you’re looking for other alternatives, there’s also trivia at the Flying Saucer – two games, starting at 7:30 and 10 PM. Over at the Blind Bear, it’s poker night. I’ve been on a break from poker lately, but I hear they have been drawing as many as 40 people. Bardog has their pint night from 7 PM to 3 AM, with all their draft pints $3.

I’d previously posted that the Mud Island fireworks show is tomorrow night. The Redbirds have fireworks tomorrow too. Game is vs. Nashville and game time is 6:05, with fireworks to follow.

The Peabody’s rooftop will be open tomorrow for people who want to watch the Mud Island and AutoZone Park fireworks. Free to get in, cash bar.

I’ve been getting inquiries as to what’s open Downtown tomorrow and what’s not. General rule of thumb is that restaurants, bars, and grocery stores will be open, while most other retail will not. (One exception: I’ve heard from Lansky that they will be open.)

What to wear tomorrow for Independence Day? Why not declare your independence from straps, and wear a TUBE TOP!

In other news: Project Homeless Connect 2 needs volunteers. This is a one-day event that provides the homeless with all the resources they need to leave homelessness, right under one roof. Individuals will be able to get medical services, employment opportunities, housing counseling, Social Security, veterans’ benefits and services, food, haircuts, IDs, legal assistance, mental health services, and donated goods. There are a number of different volunteer assignments available, and they will do their best to try and match you with your desired assignment. Volunteer here. The event is at the Memphis Cook Convention Center on Thursday, July 12. They need volunteers from 8 AM to 4 PM. Individuals seeking services will be at the center from 9 AM to 3 PM.

That’s all for now. Plans TBD but I’ll be out somewhere tonight.