Jul 162012

(Edit: Well great. I typed this Sunday morning and forgot to hit the Publish button.)

Last night I saw a new beer at the Flying Saucer, Timmerman’s Strawberry. I’d already done my three beers toward my 7th plate for the day, so I decided to delay trying it. In the meantime, I wanted to learn more about this beer, so I did a Google search. The search led me to an excellent blog titled A Year in Beer. The blogger reviewed a beer a day for 365 days. It’s like those beer-a-day calendars, except the descriptions are way more in-depth.

Here’s the review of Timmerman’s Strawberry. As I was reading the review, I noticed the photo of the Timmerman’s tap handle, and thought to myself, “that looks a lot like a Flying Saucer tap wall.” I read the blog’s About page, and the reviewer is in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, where there are several Saucers, including the original one. So, he has no shortage of good beer to review.

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