Aldo’s Pizza Pies

Tonight I went to the preview opening of Aldo’s Pizza Pies for friends & family. They open to the public Thursday at 5 and will be in a “soft opening” situation until August 12.

Menu (click for larger image)
Crowd, as seen from the end of the bar
Taps, Part 2
Newspaper on the wall
Kyla with a Pauly Lager – Pacifico and limes
Too many cooks?
View from the front entrance
The Rock would approve.

So, tonight I was invited to the “friends & family” party at Aldo’s Pizza Pies. This is the precursor to the public opening night Thursday; after that they’ll be in soft opening mode until August 12.

Pizza was outstanding, but even better was the service. Kyla, Brooke, and particularly Josh held another beer up when I was about 3 sips from finishing the one I was working on. If that sounds familiar, it’s the way Bardog operates, which pretty much sets the standard for service. I was never wanting for anything.

I asked Aldo about the pizza parlor’s weekend hours and he told me it will open 11 AM Sunday. That could shake up Sunday Fun Day plans. I won’t cheat on the Majestic and come there at 11, but I might cheat on the Saucer and show up at noon. If not noon, shortly thereafter.

All right I’m tired and these pics have taken forever to download. I’ll be at Aldo’s Thursday night. See you there?