Wed update: Willie Nelson to play Central Station, Beale Street, Peabody rooftop parties, South Main Trolley Tour, Purple Haze, and more

A very cool and unique concert will come to Central Station this fall. Willie Nelson will headline the Railroad Revival Tour, on which musicians travel by train to their concert venues. They will stop at the train station October 22. Most of the venues are outdoors, but Central Station is certainly appropriate, given that Willie is on the tour and the train they call the City of New Orleans stops here. Band of Horses, Jamey Johnson and John Reilly & Friends are also on the tour. For more info, check out this Rolling Stone article.

The Memphis Daily News reports that the lawsuit about Beale Street is still unresolved after 2 years. There were a couple of interesting tidbits at the end of the article:

1) John Elkington and city planners have talked about expanding the Beale Street entertainment district to the north, south, or both. Hmmm… if they expanded north to Peabody Place, then Hooters would be part of the district. That would be kind of odd. Purple Haze, a block to the south, is already considered part of the Beale district and can therefore stay open until 5 PM.

2) Not only is there going to be a new police substation on Beale starting next month, but the police museum is returning too. The museum used to be housed in the space that is now Superior Bar. Glad to see it return – one more fun and free thing to do Downtown.

The Peabody has announced the lineup for its remaining rooftop parties of this season:

  • July 26: Hillbilly Casino
  • August 2: Kid Ego (with special guest DJ Raiford!!!)
  • August 9: Gary Escoe and the Atomic Dance Machine
  • August 16: Ingram Hill with special guests Boys Like Girls and Graffiti 6

Cover charge for each party is $10, except for the one on the 16th which is $15.

Friday the 27th is the last Friday of the month, and that means it’s time for South Main Trolley Tour. Many of the galleries and shops of South Main will stay open from 6 to 9, and there will be sidewalk performances as well. Performers will include Adams Avenue Camerata, Lee Garret, Kris Acklen, Red Planet, Fire Tribe, The Dancing Fire, Nava Sanctum, and Danza Xochitquetzal.

Purple Haze, the nightclub in the former Red Rooster space on Second a block south of Beale, emailed me about a new special they are doing. Starting Friday they will open at 7 Friday-Saturday and 8 the other days of the week. Every day except Thursday, they will have a special until 10 PM where drinks are $2 and draft beer is $1. No cover charge, so it’s a great place to come in and start your evening.

On Thursday they do something different at Purple Haze – Devin Steele and K97 broadcast live for several hours, and when that’s happening they have $4 martinis and margaritas.

Purple Haze also offers a 15% across-the-board industry discount.

I heard I missed some drama last night at the Saucer. One of the people who was there overheard that I and another friend were at Aldo’s Pizza Pies for friends & family night. He proceeded to get his panties all in a wad, mad that he had not received a personal invitation. Not that it stopped him: About 8:00 he showed up anyway. Geeeez. I guess we all need to make sure we have his contact info in our phones, so anytime any of us have an event he won’t miss out on the chance to mooch free food and beer.

Words of wisdom: If you don’t get invited to parties, don’t work extra hard to find out about them and show up anyway. Work extra hard to become the type of person people want to invite to parties. From what I’ve heard about last night’s outburst at the Saucer, someone has a lot of work to do.

Speaking of the Saucer, they have people from corporate in town this week. I’d love to ask someone from corporate why the Memphis Saucer does not carry PBR like six of the other locations.

Plans for tonight: It’s Wednesday night, and the last night for the forseeable future that I won’t have Aldo’s as an option. Maybe I’ll hit Brass Door Bingo (7 PM). Maybe I’ll do trivia at the Blind Bear (8 PM). Or maybe I’ll just hang out at the Saucer and continue work on my 7th plate. We will see. I have more news than I could fit into this post, so check back tonight for an update.