Tue update: Halloween party Sat @ Saucer, Halloween party Fri @ Mulligan’s, sushi @ Yao’s, trivia change @ Beetle, poker hand gone wrong, updated Downtown Dining Week menus

I have updated information about a couple of Halloween parties happening Downtown this weekend. First of all, the Flying Saucer is bringing back live music for their party on Saturday, October 27.

Red Letter Day will perform from 9:30 to 1:30. When the band is on break, there will be costume contests where you can win prizes. Theme is “Dead Rock Star” so you might do better in the contests if your costume is along those lines. There is also a Mystery Beer Tub they usually put out around 8:00. For $2 you get to reach in a covered tub, and whatever beer you pull out, you drink. In past years, I have pulled out several beers normally selling for $8-10 in a row. Quality stuff like Wychewood Hobgoblin. Of course, I’ve also been stuck drinking a Lowenbrau or two. Nevertheless, Mystery Beer Tub is one of my favorite promotions of the year.

Also, there will be NO COVER for the Flying Saucer Halloween party. If you don’t feel like paying cover charges at other nightspots nearby, come to the Saucer and hear live music for free.

The night before, Friday, October 26, TJ Mulligan’s Pinch will have their Halloween party. Drink specials, prizes, music by Coons Rhythm Rockers. I won’t make it to this one because I’ll be at the Blind Bear party, but if you live in Uptown or on the island it’s something nearby.

By the way – I’ve upgraded my costume for the Bear party. Much better gangster outfit this time. That cheap, wrinkly $20 jacket I had on at the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre party has made its way to the garbage can. Maybe I’ll get my photo re-taken. They’ll have a professional photographer there if you want to get your gangster or flapper pic on their dining room wall.

As I was walking to the bars last night, I noticed a new sign under the “OPEN” sign at Yao’s China Bistro. It read “sushi.” Has anyone had it yet? Is it good? Now we have five places you can get sushi Downtown: Yao’s, Bluefin, Thai Bistro, Bangkok Alley, and the restaurant in the Holiday Inn on Union.

Kevin Cerrito, who runs Thursday trivia at the Green Beetle, has announced a change of format. They are dropping the sports format and doing general trivia questions from now on. They will have a special Halloween edition this Thursday at 8 and Kevin will announce more details about the new trivia night at that time.

I played poker at the Silly Goose last night and got eliminated in a mere 15 minutes. On my poker blog I take a look at the hand that cost me most of my chips.

More Downtown Dining Week menus have been released. Kerry has the list. Comments on the updated list:

1) Venison at Bleu for $20.12? I’d be all over that.

2) ATTN SARAH N: Chicken Curry is the entree at Brass Door!!!

That’ll wrap it up for this post. Halloween shopping is all done, so probably back on regular schedule tomorrow.