Fri update: Pyramid news, Doomsday party @ Goose tonight, FreeWorld @ Saucer tomorrow, It’s a Wonderful Life @ Majestic Sunday

Very good news on the Memphis Flyer website yesterday: Although Bass Pro’s plans remain fluid, they plan to have the Pyramid open in late 2013. They want to have it open in time for the holiday shopping season. They’re going to install an indoor swamp, so boat buyers can see how the boats feel on the water. There will be a restaurant inside, Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl. VERY EXCITING to know that we’re less than a year away from shopping at Bass Pro, after years and years of stagnation.

How sad is it that I’m already plotting to become “mayor” of Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl? There needs to be a support group for Foursquare addicts.

There’s a Doomsday party tonight at the Silly Goose beginning at 9 PM. Those of you who have been posting “the end of the world didn’t happen” on Facebook, remember that today isn’t over until 11:59 PM. It could still happen. In any event, this looks to be a rather interesting evening at the Goose. Yes, I have a little inside information.

Live music returns to the Flying Saucer tomorrow night, Saturday, December 22. FreeWorld will take the stage at 9:30. I’m happy to see the Saucer bringing back live music on a now-and-then basis, and FreeWorld is an excellent choice. This will surely draw a lot of people who are back in town for the holidays. There is NO COVER, whether you’re a member of the Saucer’s UFO Club or not, so come on down.

The Majestic Grille will wrap up its “Sunday Supper and a Movie” series with It’s a Wonderful Life this Sunday, December 23. Movie will be shown on the big screen at 7. Starting at 6:30, a special menu will be available for $26.95. This week’s menu: Antipasto with stuffed cherry peppers, warm grilled mushrooms, proscuitto & arugula; beef and three cheese lasagna; Caesar salad; rosemary focaccia bread; and apple strudel with cinnamon creme fraiche. If you’ve never had the Majestic’s focaccia bread, let me tell you it is one of the best breads I have ever had Downtown. The regular menu will be available as well if you’d prefer that.

Office closes at 3, which means I’ll be at the Saucer about 4. Plans after that TBD.