Woody and me greeting patrons at the door

Two Sundays ago, memorial services were held for Woody A. Long at the Silly Goose. Woody was one of the mainstays at the bar, and was considered a beacon of wisdom and light by most everyone who goes there. Unfortunately, Woody was decapitated earlier this month, and we thought we had seen the last of him.

Friday was 12/21/12 and the world was predicted to end. It did not, but something unexpected happened at the Silly Goose’s Doomsday party… Woody rose from the dead. It’s a Festivus miracle! Or something like that.

Silly Goose poker host Muruako was unavailable for comment on this turn of events.

It’s a slow news weekend otherwise. Hence, no post yesterday. The only thing I have is this piece of pigeon news. Any Downtown blogger worth his salt has to do a pigeon post now and then.

Mellow but fun night last night. We had game night at a friend’s condo in Barton Flats. Afterward, my friends wanted to dance and we went to DJ Cody at the Goose, but then I remembered FreeWorld was playing next door at the Flying Saucer and I bounced over there. I arrived in time to catch their second and third sets and it was so good to see them on that stage again. If you missed them at the Saucer, they play Blues City tonight at 9:30, and every Sunday night.

Today is a Sunday Fun Day not followed by a Monday Suck Day, so I just might catch FreeWorld again tonight. Taking a week of from brunch at the Majestic, but I will kick it off at the Blind Bear at noon. Stops after that TBD.