Sun update: 2013-14 Orpheum schedule, brackets, Nuh-Uh eats a pretzel and crawfish, bar tabs, cold weather, Leonard Cohen

The Orpheum has announced their 2013-2014 Broadway season. Shows will include Flashdance, Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story, West Side Story, Sister Act: A Divine Musical Comedy, Wicked, War Horse, The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber, and The Book of Mormon. Descriptions of each show can be found here.

I’m astonished that I’m still leading the Memphis Twitter Brackets. Once again it felt like I had a bad day predicting games Saturday. I’m going to lose more points, with three dead teams in the Sweet Sixteen (Gonzaga, Kansas State, and Butler) and two dead teams in the Elite Eight (Gonzaga and Butler). All of my Final Four picks are still live.

I got my Michigan State pick correct. I hated not picking Memphis but I could tell Michigan State was the better team. Shaq’s got to learn not to give up fouls; Tarik’s got to learn how to hit a free throw; you never know if Chris Crawford will be hitting the threes; and you never know if D.J. will come down hard on his shoulder and be out of the game for a while. By the way, on the off-chance D.J. Stephens is reading this, it’s been a pleasure watching you, sir. I hope your heart, your energy, and your incredible leaping ability lead to the career you deserve.

By the way, my knowledge of college ball that produced my lead in the Twitter brackets is a product of my reading excellent columnists like CBS’s Gregg Doyel and Gary Parrish. Read what Gary had to say about yesterday’s games here.

I watched the game at the Flying Saucer. While there I snapped this pic:

2013-03-23 14.54.32

The Nuh-Uh Girl and Jeremy shared a pretzel. Jeremy seems to be thinking, “This one bite I have in my hand is probably all I’m going to get before she inhales the rest of it.” Later in the day Nuh-Uh found out T.J. Mulligan’s had all-you-can-eat crawfish for $15, and you’d think she’d just hit the Powerball numbers by her reaction.

I was at the Saucer from about 12:30 through the end of the Tiger game. I said yesterday that it may be time to re-evaluate how much time I spend at my neighborhood bars. At Saucer, I spent about $20 more drinking my beer of choice there (Dos Equis Lager) than I would have if I’d gone to the Silly Goose and had my beer of choice there (PBR draft). Then again, the Saucer has its good points too. Christina who had day bar yesterday texted “Come see meeeeee,” and it’s nice to be wanted. That was probably the deciding factor in me staying for the entire game. Also, there seems to be a lot less drama among the Saucer’s regulars than the Goose’s, especially on weekend nights and Sundays, and I’m an anti-drama kind of guy.

By the way: There was a lady with a tube top on at the Saucer yesterday. I checked on my phone and it was 51 degrees out. Now that’s what I call a trooper. Sometimes you have to suffer a bit for fashion. THIS IS HOW IT’S DONE, PEOPLE.

Just looked at the Weather Channel forecast. High of 49 today, 46 tomorrow, 46 Tuesday. What happened to March????? 46 is a normal low for today. The highs should be in the middle to upper 60s. Very unhappy about not being able to wear shorts for Sunday Fun Day today. Maybe tube top woman will make a return appearance at the Saucer.

Leonard Cohen performs at the Orpheum tonight at 8 PM. Details here.

Kicking it off at 11 with mimosas and good friends at the Majestic. After that I’ll hit all three of my mayorship bars, order TBD.