Thur update: CleanApp, Mo’s Bows, late Easter Sunday bar opening, cold weather continues, urban fox pictures and more

Today I learned of a very cool smartphone app in development by a professor at the University of Memphis, and I think it could be particularly useful to Downtowners so I wanted to pass along the info. CleanApp is a global app that will allow you to take a photo of graffiti, trash, etc., and tag it and report it to the appropriate municipal waste service. Some cities and neighborhoods have given this a try, but the beauty of CleanApp is that it’s global – it does all the work figuring out what municipal service to report to. You don’t have to look up phone numbers, email addresses and such.

It will be a sustainable nonprofit platform, but like any new business, they need startup capital. They’ve set up an IndieGoGo page where you can make a donation. There are also informational videos on YouTube, a FAQ, and a Facebook page that you can “Like” to receive updates about the project. They hope to have startup funds raised by Earth Day, April 22.

Shelton Clothiers is having a trunk show for Mo’s Bows Saturday from 1 to 4. 11-year-old entrepreneur Moziah Bridges will show off his latest bowtie designs. Come buy some bowties and look sharp for church Easter Sunday. Even better, come buy some bowties and look sharp when you skip church and go to the bar on Easter Sunday!

Speaking of Easter Sunday and the bar… the Flying Saucer will open at 4 PM Sunday to give the staff time to celebrate Easter with their families. Best seats on Sunday should be the benches, couches, tables, window seats, and the rails.

Looks like the cold weather is going to continue. I pulled up the Weather Channel’s extended forecast and they’re predicting highs of 59, 46, 52, and 59 for the first four days of April. Normal high for Memphis would be in the 69-70 range.

Random link of the day: 23 urban foxes who have absolutely no idea what they’re doing.

Last night I stopped at the Silly Goose, where our BBQ team vice-president Clay was at the bar with a laptop, doing research on Sweden, Memphis in May’s honored country. What we discovered is that, while Sweden is one of the most admired countries in the world, there really aren’t a lot of well-known people from Sweden. Maybe that’s why Sweden is so admired: They don’t have screw-ups like Charlie Sheen and Kim Kardashian in the news every day the way we do.

Thursday night is poker night at Dancin’ Jimmy’s on Beale. It’s free to play, starts at 8. It’s in the elegant upstairs room. Last week I snapped a few photos:

2013-03-21 21.23.03

2013-03-21 21.34.18

2013-03-21 21.33.29

That’ll wrap it up. I’ll be out somewhere about 5:30, Saucer or Goose probably.