Sat update: Mo’s Bows reschedules trunk show, sushi coming to Miss Cordelia’s, Jerry Lawler opens wrestling museum

11-year-old entrepreneur Moziah Bridges has rescheduled his Mo’s Bows trunk show for next Saturday at Shelton Clothiers. It was supposed to be today, but they felt that people won’t want to be Downtown today because of the KKK rally. Sad that this gathering of idiots had to affect a fine young man’s startup business.

Also, I wonder what will happen to businesses like Jack’s Food Store that are inside the “red zone” that will be cordoned off from 8 AM to 6 PM? Will they be expected to sacrifice 10 hours of revenue so a hate group can exercise its right to free speech?

In better news, people who live on the Island soon won’t have to cross the bridge to get sushi. Miss Cordelia’s will begin selling rolled-to-order sushi in two weeks.

The grand opening of Jerry “The King” Lawler’s wrestling museum is today. The former AWA champion’s title belt will be on display along with plenty of other classic Memphis wrestling memorabilia. The King will be at the museum this afternoon from 1 to 4.

Random link of the day: Wikipedia’s page on prostitution in Nevada

My NCAA bracket is still in pretty good shape thanks to wins by Louisville, Duke, and Michigan last night. I need Ohio State, who I picked to go all the way, to win in the 5:05 game this afternoon. The Marquette-Syracuse game doesn’t matter to me because that quadrant of my bracket is dead. I’ve fallen to second in the Memphis Twitter Brackets standings.

Glad I live south of “the red zone.” I will have no trouble walking to Bardog at 11 for a PBR at Panda’s bar. Business as usual in the Downtown core!