Wed update: Wheel thieves, Kerry moving on, Carnival of Madness, Syria, McCain caught playing poker, baby snow leopard, Fire Museum upgrade

Since yesterday’s post I’ve heard from two reliable sources that the wheel thieves that left cars on blocks Downtown this past weekend have been caught – at least three of the four, anyway. One of the sources told me that Elvis masks were found near the scene of one the cars they burglarized. Empty PBR cans were also found next to the car. IT WASN’T ME, I PROMISE!!!

I woke up to some surprising news on Twitter this morning: Kerry Crawford is leaving the I Love Memphis blog effective September 30. It sounds like a positive thing, with Kerry having a chance to work for herself. The I Love Memphis blog will live on with a new writer, Holly Whitfield. Thanks Kerry for all you’ve done to promote this city the past four years. It’s made a ton of difference waking people up to all there is to do and experience in Memphis.

The Carnival of Madness is coming to Mud Island tonight. Shinedown, Skillet, Papa Roach, We As Human, and In This Moment. General admission tickets are $62 and gates open at 5.

If you are still trying to figure out where you stand on Syria, this article has five things you should know. It’s hard to know what to think. There are arguments both in favor of bombing and against bombing. It’s not really breaking down along party lines, either.

Speaking of Syria, Sen. John McCain was caught playing poker on his iPhone during the Syria hearings.

Not Downtown news but worth a mention: There’s a new snow leopard cub at the Memphis Zoo.

The Fire Museum on Adams is using a grant to develop fire safety video games for kids. That’s pretty cool.

I came in second at Blind Bear poker last night. Ellen had a huge stack after surviving a 4-way all-in involving everyone but me, and there was no way I could stage a comeback. Congratulations to her. Although I didn’t win a prize, those points I picked up toward the league final table are quite valuable at this point in time. Some of the plays I saw at my initial table were “creative” to say the least, especially during the first five blind levels.

Got more news on deck so it’s possible there will be another post after work. Outta here for now.