Wed update: Dejavu sign up, Eric Hughes CD party, MGMT @ Orpheum, The Cake Madam @ Double J, Felicia’s patio, another Sunday Ticket spot, the first computer bug, Eggcellence

Walking down the Main Street Mall yesterday after work, I noticed that Dejavu’s sign is up for the new Main Street location. Here’s a pic:


The Creole restaurant appears very close to opening. If you’ve been to the restaurant’s Florida location and had its food, you know this is a very very good thing for the Downtown core.

(By the way: What is the official spelling? Dejavu? DejaVu? DeJaVu? I’ve seen all three.)

The Eric Hughes Band will have a CD release party Saturday, September 28 at 8 PM at The Warehouse. After the band’s set there will be a Memphis Bluesplayers jam.

MGMT, featuring Memphis’ own Andrew VanWyngarden, has announced a November 23 show at the Orpheum.

Double J announced yesterday that it is now carrying homemade desserts from The Cake Madam.

Voting to name the new patio at Felicia Suzanne’s is now happening on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

I’ve learned of another Downtown location that has NFL Sunday Ticket: Local Gastropub. They also just installed two 50″ TVs on the patio. The Overton Square location has the game package as well with two 55″ patio TVs.

So here’s the complete list of bars Downtown that have Sunday Ticket, as far as I know:

TJ Mulligan’s

Mad Earl
George Paul’s Last Call

South Main
Green Beetle
Max’s Sports Bar
Double J

Here’s a pic of the very first recorded computer bug from September 9, 1945. If you’ve wondered where the term “bug” came from, now you know.

The Flyer’s Hungry Memphis blog has a good post on Eggcellence, a company selling “deviled eggs with flair” whose products are carried by Miss Cordelia’s in Harbor Town. The photo shows company owner Sascha Parker at a sampling in Miss Cordelia’s. Free food? Wonder if the Nuh-Uh Girl showed up.

Fun night at Blind Bear poker last night. I met Matt who does the River Rat Rounders games around town. I am going to try and make his 8:30 game Monday at the Mad Earl. I told him, don’t expect me to be a regular at that game, because I have a long-standing Monday engagement (Pint Nite at the Saucer). I’m certainly willing to give it a try and blog about it though. Anyway, odd night at the Bear. I got the best starting hand in Hold’em twice (A-A) and the worst three times (7-2). I wasn’t able to cash in on Jamie’s infamous Seven-Deuce prop bet though. I wanted to win and pick up a $50 gift card to spend on food when Chef David Scott Walker starts next week. Unfortunately I came in fifth, but I have three gift cards from previous wins, so I think I’ll be okay.

Sitting here trying to download iOS 7 on my iPad. “About 6 hours remaining.” Ugh. I don’t dare update my iPhone until I know the release is stable. Signing off for now. I’ll be out at the usual hangouts after work, probably leading off at Silly Goose.