EXQUISITE people-watching Downtown tonight

I hope you weren’t expecting a well-written, organized post this morning, because you’re not going to get one. You  can declare today Suit and Tie Day if you want, Mr. Mayor, but it’s my birthday and I’m declaring today PBR Hoodie and Shorts Day.

I do have one topic I want to discuss. I couldn’t care less about the Justin Timberlake concert Downtown tonight except for one thing: The people-watching will be exquisite. I remember the last time JT played the FedExForum, and as usual I was hanging out at the Flying Saucer. That bar sometimes gets called “The Flying Sausage” because the male-female ratio is often not very good – about 80% male some nights. Not on JT night though: The crowd was about 80% female that night. The window seats at the Flying Saucer are going to be prime real estate from about 3 to 8 PM today.

Where else to go for people-watching?

– Bleu, which is right across from the FedExForum and which is rolling out a line of JT-themed drinks tonight.

– The second-floor patio of Alfred’s

– The patio of the Silly Goose

– Any patio on Main Street. The closer to the Forum the better obviously.

Traffic and parking downtown will be cray cray (wow, that’s the first opportunity I’ve had this month to use the term “cray cray”) so allow extra time. Pro tip if you don’t want to deal with parking near the Forum: Double J Saloon on G.E. Patterson will have their limo shuttling people to and from the concert, so park for free in South Main, pre-game at the J, and catch a ride.

All right that’s all I’ve got. Recovering from the effects of multiple shots. Thanks everyone who posted, tweeted, and texted wishing me a happy birthday. It wouldn’t be a happy one without so many wonderful friends!