Sun update: Farm truck at Front and Nettleton today, Dishcrawl secret supper, and a bunch of stupid bar notes

This isn’t going to be an award-winning post. I went to Purple Haze this morning about 4:25. It’s considered part of the Beale Street district so it can stay open until 5. I closed down the Flying Saucer, Blind Bear, and Purple Haze tonight.

There will be a farm truck at the corner of Front and Nettleton selling fresh produce from 2 to 5 today. If y’all come out and support the truck will return regularly during the Farmers Market off-season.

Here’s a Dishcrawl blog about their recent secret supper, featuring the cuisine of Brian Michael “Rizzo” Patrick from down South and David Scott Walker from up North.

So yesterday, I started out at Panda’s bar at Bardog as always. This is the conversation I heard from two seats down:

“Our tab at Local was $540 for the four of us. We had 88 Fireballs.”

That’s how us Downtowners do it. Congrats on keepin’ it real in the 38103.

Also at Bardog, I overheard a guy say he bought chicken from Gus’s, then took it to Hooters and had them put their sauce on it. Then he took it home to eat. This is the first time in my life I’ve ever found a reason to go in Downtown Hooters.

Also overheard at Bardog: Slider Inn, Bardog’s sister restaurant, has Frito Pie in a bag. I am calling a cab to Midtown now.

After I left Bardog, I moved on to Blind Bear, where I helped one of the bartenders figure out how to use Siri on her iPhone. “Siri, find me a hooker,” I commanded. It called one of her friends.

The Blind Bear went through 17 cases of PBR in 5 days. Nice to see that people appreciate the Cadillac of beers down here.

All right. Time to enjoy Sunday Fun Day to the fullest, then tomorrow I get in the car and drive to work. Gas prices are a lot like tube tops: I’d like to see them come down. That’s it for now, back tomorrow with another post.