Tue update: iPhone flash for notifications, power bill scam, free wrapping paper, High Cotton to add tap room, Stumbling Santa pics, AutoZone Park

This weekend, I had several people ask about something my iPhone does, and I figured I’d post about it. I have my phone set up so that the flash on its camera goes off any time I get a new notification – text, Facebook, whatever, I get the camera flash as well as the sound. This is very convenient when I am in noisy venues and might not notice the notification otherwise. People asked how to turn it on and I had to admit, I couldn’t remember how I did it.

This morning I looked it up. The reason I couldn’t find it is that it’s not in the Notification settings, but rather the Accessibility settings. To get there, go to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn on “LED flash for alerts.”

The only negative to this setting is that it can cause people to think you are trying to surreptitiously take photos of them, when you are standing there holding your phone and the flash suddenly goes off. I’ve had to explain that a couple of times.

A scammer has been calling Memphis businesses, saying there is an overdue bill and power will be cut off in less than an hour unless the person called gives them a credit card number. This person has been calling from an 804 area code number out of Richmond, Virginia. MLGW has verified that they do not call customers and ask for credit card information.

Need some wrapping paper for the holiday season? If you’re one of the first 5000 fans at the Grizzlies game tomorrow night at the FedExForum, you will receive free Grizzlies wrapping paper, courtesy of Mercury Printing.

The FuzzyBrew blog reports that Downtown brewery High Cotton plans to add a tap room in early 2014. The brewery is at 598 Monroe.

Here’s a link to a Stumbling Santa pub crawl photo album from last Saturday. Photos were taken by photographer Frank Chin and are on the Memphis Flyer’s site.

The City Council delayed its vote on purchasing AutoZone Park last night and essentially presented a counteroffer.

That’s it for today. Getting a couple of inches of hair chopped off after work, then will be out at the usual bars after that.