Wednesday news including good news for those who like Cuban cigars

In case you haven’t been following the news today, the U.S. is taking steps to normalize its relationship with Cuba. What this means to you and me is that travelers to Cuba will be able to bring back rum and cigars.

Photo Dec 17, 12 03 37 AMLast night I went to Clay from the Mad Earl’s going-away party. After two years running the Mad Earl, Clay has accepted a dream job in Maui. Congratulations Clay on getting to live your dream, and thanks for the PBRs last night.

I got there late and missed the Master Chef Junior watch party (won by local Memphis kid Logan Guleff), but I did get there in time for Burlesque Bingo – well, minus the “bingo” part of it because there just wasn’t enough room to run it. Now that I’ve seen what happens, though, believe me, Burlesque Bingo is a must-see. It happens every Thursday at the Earl at 8 PM.

If you feel like watching Shaq Goodwin sit on a bench in foul trouble for most of 40 minutes, you’re in for a treat tonight: The Memphis Tigers host USC Upstate at the FedExForum at 7.

Meanwhile, over at the Flying Saucer, the annual “Yule Fuel” glass goes on sale tonight, also at 7. Santa has a big package for you!

Speaking of dirty Santas, Santa will make an appearance at the Silly Goose Christmas party tomorrow night. Breaking Jazz will kick it off at 9 and DJ Cody starts spinning the tunes at 11. The flyer for the party says “dress to impress.” Jerry Lawler wore a T-shirt with a Christmas sweater and tie printed on it at a recent TV appearance. I need that shirt for tomorrow’s party.

The Blind Bear is having its third birthday party on Sunday. Party will begin at 6. There will be poker as usual, with the Michael Brothers playing live music after poker. There will be drink specials as well.

Buy local for Christmas: is now selling its 2015 calendar. With the purchase comes a free MWN iPhone or iPad app.

That’s it for now. Out at the usual spots after work.