Christmas Eve update

If you didn’t follow the weather yesterday, Memphis got real lucky. Right before our office Christmas luncheon, I checked radar. A line of strong thunderstorms appeared to be heading right for Memphis. I resigned myself to the fact that I was going to be driving home in heavy rain and went and got in line for turkey and ham. We finished lunch, the CEO handed out gifts, and then he told us, “When you’re done eating you can get out of here.”

I went to my desk and grabbed my things, and I looked out the window and it wasn’t raining yet. “I’m going to beat the storm home!” I thought, which is good because I have a phobia of driving in bad weather. I made it home without as much as a drop falling, and looked at the radar again. The storm had gone just east of the city, so close that eastern Shelby County got hit with rain. There was extensive damage in east Mississippi. Memphis dodged a bullet.

The Interview is coming to YouTube, Google Play, and Xbox today. Rental is $6.

The Memphis CVB has put together a Liberty Bowl guide for fans. There are many more events than just the bowl itself.

The Orpheum has a buy one get one free deal for tickets to Cirque Dreams Holidaze December 26-27. Go here to purchase tickets and use discount code TMN241.

Lyft has a form you can fill out to contact City Council, which will soon be voting on a plan to secure ridesharing in Memphis.

Stories like this make me sick: Memphis Animal Services euthanized a dog that was guaranteed adoption. The dog was mistakenly put down because when he was brought in, workers failed to document that the woman who brought him said she would claim him if no one else did.

I’ve had people ask me what restaurants Downtown are open tomorrow. In addition to hotel restauarants, you can always count on Yao’s and Westy’s to be open on holidays.

That’ll do it for now. If there’s any Christmas news to report I will be back tomorrow.