Cougars throwing punches, Tigers swinging helmets and more Tuesday news

Photo Dec 19, 11 38 07 AM

I got to work Friday and found a gift bag in my office chair. I looked inside and there were grill skewers made at the Metal Museum. I didn’t find a card so I didn’t know who to thank, but if you read my blog, thank you! What a thoughtful gift.

Might want to re-think that last-minute trip to West Memphis Wal-Mart to shop. The FBI has received an anonymous tip of a plot to blow up one of Memphis’ Mississippi River bridges. I’ve seen both I-40 and I-55 reported. The FBI stresses that there is “no actionable intelligence” that the plot will actually happen at this time.

The Mad Earl is closed until the early months of next year. Now that Clay has left for Hawaii, the owners have decided to take the bar in a different direction. They have big plans for that block of Madison, from what I’ve been told. Kinda sucks that the employees found themselves out of work right before Christmas, though.

There’s a petition you can sign to bring Google Fiber to Memphis.

What a big month in sports this has been for Memphis. Yesterday the Memphis Tigers came back from a 7-point deficit to beat the BYU Cougars in double overtime at the Miami Beach Bowl. The Tigers scored a touchdown in the second OT, then intercepted a Cougar pass to end the game 55-48. Unfortunately there was a wild post-game brawl involving the players. Video here including a Memphis player swinging his helmet and a Cougar sucker-punching a Memphis player. Radio host @JohnMartin929 tweeted an interesting link: Will this brawl be the end of the BYU football program?

Meanwhile, the basketball Tigers take on Western Illinois at FedExForum tonight at 7.

This Groupon for a Lego subscription looks pretty cool.

Been a long time since my last post… there just isn’t much news to report around Christmas. Last week a friend from Venezuela became a U.S. citizen and we had a citizenship party for her Friday night. On Saturday it was good to meet Andrea, one of my blog readers, at Brad’s bar at the Blind Bear. Shoot me an email or hit me up on Facebook if you want to stay in touch. I always meet interesting people at Brad’s bar. On Sunday, I went to Bluefin for sushi, intending to use the gift card I won at Blind Bear poker… and then I forgot to use the gift card and paid cash. Oops.

Taking the night off from Blind Bear poker but I will most definitely be out for some Festivus drinking. Could be a late night, we will see.