Downtown delivery news

All right, folks. Only one piece of news today (I told ya Christmas would be slow) but it’s pretty darn newsworthy. Yesterday afternoon I was at Bardog Tavern, catching up with my buddy Pete. “Have you ever had food from Little Italy on Union?” he asked.

I told him I had not. Little Italy is in Midtown, on Union somewhere around Kimbrough I believe. With so many good places to eat within walking distance of home, there’s little incentive for me to drive to Midtown to get food. “But they deliver down here,” Pete said. “East Parkway to Downtown.”

That’s a delivery option I did not know about. This morning I found the Italian restaurant’s menu and sure enough, free delivery with minimum $13 purchase, East Parkway to Downtown. Something to keep in mind when you want food at home but don’t feel like cooking.

Merry Christmas everyone. If you’re looking to get out this evening and have a Christmas beverage, Bardog and the Blind Bear are two places that will be open at 5 today. I’m heading over to friends’ condo for an authentic Mexican Christmas dinner in a bit, then will ne out tonight.