Name our new smoker and win a BBQ Fest experience with the Moody Ques

2015-06-19 17.56.03

Would you like to experience what it is like to be a member of a BBQ Fest team for a day? Well, now you can. Help the Moody Ques come up with a name for our new smoker, and if you submit the name we select, the experience will be yours.

The smoker we used this year and in the past, Bevo, had trouble holding temperature and we just couldn’t trust Bevo to get our pork shoulder done anymore. So we purchased a new smoker from Tucker Cooker Company, a local business based Downtown at 122 West Carolina. On the 19th we did our first practice cook on the new smoker, feeding the folks at the Memphis Farmers Market Crop Hop 5K after-party. We lit the smoker with the device I am no longer allowed to mention on here, and it had absolutely no problem holding temp. The folks at Tucker build quality products, that’s for sure!

(I mentioned the BBQ device I’m no longer allowed to mention on here :mrgreen: )

So, what exactly do you get if you come up with the name we select for the smoker? You get full access to the Moody Ques booth for one day (Thursday, Friday or Saturday, your choice) as though you were a team member at BBQ Fest 2016. This includes

– A one-day pass to get into Tom Lee Park for free

– Access to the Moody Ques booth. The booth has placed second or higher in Best Booth the past three years. We may not have an entire case full of cooking trophies, but we’re the best damn party in Tom Lee Park!

– Food, beer and liquor (for this reason you must be 21 or up to enter. Winner must bring current ID to get access to the booth)

– 2016 Moody Ques team T-shirt

– Two guest wristbands so you can invite your friends to the booth. NOTE: These guest wristbands give your friends access to the Moody Ques private party, but they still have to pay to get in the park.

THIS IS THE PRIZE PACKAGE ONLY IF A NON-MOODY QUES TEAM MEMBER SUBMITS THE WINNING NAME. If a Moody Ques member submits the winning name, your prize is a pat on the back and a reminder to pay your dues in full. I don’t see any reason why members of other BBQ teams can’t enter if they choose to do so, and have dual membership for a day if they win.

Winning name will be selected by the Moody Ques cook team. They have not given me a time frame before they will pick a name, so I will have to get back to you on that. I am assuming you have until at least the end of this week to come up with something.

Keep in mind that the Moody Ques are not MY team, although I realize it comes off that way on the blog sometimes. I am one of about 40 members who make up the team, and although I have special status as “Mr. Load-in” I am not even one of the board members. So names that are specific to me are probably not going to be winners.

Submit your smoker names to and I will pass them on to the cooks.