Wed update #2

A new Facebook event listing has been created for this year’s Rajun Cajun Crawfish Festival Downtown on Riverside and Wagner on Sunday, April 17. This festival benefits children’s charity Porter-Leath and is one of Downtown’s largest and most fun spring festivals. Click “Going” or “Interested” to indicate your interest to your friends and to see updates about the festival.

The MBJ has a good interview with new Orpheum head honcho Brett Batterson. Batterson is a big proponent of arts education, and the new Halloran Centre for Performing Arts was a major reason he came here. However, Batterson does note that it is harder to follow in the footsteps of a legend (Pat Halloran) than in the footsteps of someone who failed.

Tallgrass, Kansas’ largest craft brewery, is brewing a beer with a very good name. We need to arrange a distribution deal in Memphis!

Meanwhile, a brewery that will soon be shipping to Memphis…

I wonder if the Tin Roof will carry Tin Roof beer?

From WREG Live at 9: Learn how to make chocolate mousse from the Peabody’s pastry chef

The Advertising Checking Bureau has a customer service representative position open. I worked for this company 2004-06. Good place.

Heard on the Memphis police scanner yesterday:

HUH??? Nope, I’m sure no one was smoking crack at all when that phone call was made.

Time to control the PBR population at the Silly Goose. Back tomorrow.