Wed update: Benefit for Officer Smith, South Main apartment for rent and more

Eric Hughes and Rum Boogie Cafe are hosting a Benefit for Officer Smith Friday night, June 10 starting at 9:00. Officer Verdell Smith was hit by a getaway car traveling at a high speed and killed, following a senseless shooting in The Pinch last Saturday night. Money raised by The Eric Hughes Band as well as admission fees to both Rum Boogie Cafe and Blues Hall that night will be donated to the family of Officer Smith.

There’s an apartment available for rent in South Main. 481 S. Main is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment with oversized Jacuzzi. Washer/dryer, all appliances included, 16 foot ceilings, oak floors. There is a private fenced deck in the back. $1300 a month includes all utilities. This unit is located across the street from Rizzo’s Diner and there’s a trolley stop right outside the door. I know the people who live in the adjoining units and they are super cool people. Call 901-550-4555 if interested. Prince Mongo is the landlord.

The Hungry Memphis blog has info on the Tuscany Italian Eatery opening soon on Front across from AutoZone. It will be open 11-9 Monday Saturday and there will be delivery. The lasagne is said to be “out of this world” and the Italian beef sandwich is too. Two of my favorites! There will be a second location in 200 Jefferson (“The Darth Vader Building”) with hours of 6 AM to 2 PM.

The Downtown Memphis Commission, the Beale Street Merchants Association, the City of Memphis Mayor’s Office, and the Memphis Police Department will hold a joint press conference Thursday, June 9 at 9 AM in Handy Park at Third and Beale. The conference will outline new measures that will be adopted to keep people safe on the street during peak hours. The Beale Street Bucks voucher program and other measures will be discussed.

So they’re bringing back the cover charge? I don’t think it’s an ideal solution, but given the current situation it’s probably the best move they can make right now. The trouble is, the last time they did the cover charge they started it at midnight, which I think is too late. I would start it at 9 or 10 in the evening, probably 10.

lulemon athletica Memphis is hosting a 3-mile run followed by a yoga flow Saturday, June 25 at Loflin Yard. Both the run and the yoga will be for all levels. Check-in at 9:30, run at 10, yoga flow at 11. YOGA!

The annual Memphis International Rockabilly Festival has been announced for Saturday, October 15-Sunday October 16 in The Edge neighborhood. Two days of bands, with the lineup so far including Miss Barbara Clifford & The Shaking Tailfeathers, Casey Sisters, Oak Hill Drifters, Rosie Flores, Ray Campi, Twistin’ Turantulas, and The Delta Bombers. Tickets are available now.

Hillary Clinton has clinched the Democratic nomination, including California which I thought she was going to lose. As you know, I have been a Bernie Sanders supporter throughout the primary season. However, now is the time to get behind Hillary as the nominee. She may not be a perfect choice in my mind, but she will nominate progressive Supreme Court justices and she can prevent the most dangerous nominee ever put forth by a major party, Donald Trump, from becoming president. Plus, we are long overdue to have a woman in the Oval Office. Heck, for that matter, I wouldn’t mind if she named Elizabeth Warren as her running mate and we had a woman in the Vice-President’s office as well.

In case you haven’t found it already, RealClearPolitics is a great site to stay in tune with political news, opinion, and polls during election season. Perhaps their best feature is a projected electoral college map based on recent polls. Clinton is currently up 194 to 164 but there are many toss-up states and both candidates have a lot of work to do.

Time to drive to work and do computer stuff. Possibly a second post later today.