Friday update

You know, I try not to make this a political blog, but this is so crazy that I have to say something. Donald Trump wants to invite North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un to the White House for burgers at the conference table. “Who the hell cares” what people think, said The Donald. In other news, Trump admires Russian leader Vladimir Putin and praised the Russian nuclear program as “tippy-top” while our nukes are old and tired. Trump also thinks that countries like Germany, Japan, and South Korea are using the US, and we should consider leaving them to fend for themselves if attacked. THIS MAN IS COMPLETELY NUTS.

Great idea: We borrowed a shelter dog to go hiking, and you can too – and should. I wonder if any of the local dog fostering organizations would permit that? I’ll ask the Streetdog folks next time I see them at the Farmers Market.

Tin Roof on Beale Street has a new menu, the Memphis Flyer reports.

Sad day for Memphis sports fans: Radio talk show host George Lapides has passed away.

Ghost River is looking for a farmer or group of farmers to pick up their spent grain. If you can help call them at 901-278-0087.

The Juneteenth Urban Music Festival is at Robert Church Park near Fourth and Beale today through Sunday.

New Memphis Tigers head basketball coach Tubby Smith has bought Rudy Gay’s house in Memphis.

A new lighting display will beautify a vacant building on the southeast corner of Main and Union starting next week. They are working on a system that will see the lights respond to the presence of passersby. Sounds neat!

Crop Hop 5K, a race to raise money for the Memphis Farmers Market, is this evening at 6:30. Due to the excessive heat, I’m changing my stance on going to the race after-party from “going” to “maybe.” I really want to go but standing out there in 100+ heat index just doesn’t sound like much fun. It’s a good cause though. Maybe I’ll go give them my $15, stand around long enough to drink one Memphis Made beer, then walk across Main to enjoy the air-conditioned comfort of Max’s Sports Bar. I don’t know, I will figure it out. That’s all for now, back tomorrow.