Sweet potato biscuits with ham at Carrington’s Catering @ Memphis Farmers Market

Every week the Memphis Farmers Market does a vendor chitchat in its weekly e-newsletter, spotlighting one of the vendors who sells their goods at the Market. Last week it was Carrington Catering. Owner Carrington Wise makes sweets, tarts, and savories that she sells at the Market, and in her spare time she does full event catering.

Those vendor chitchats really do work! Up until recently I had the misconception that if I wanted to get something to eat right there, at the market, I had to go to the back and visit the food trucks. I mean, I walked past Carrington’s booth before and thought, “Yeah, lemon muffins and stuff,” but I never really stopped and took the time to examine the variety of goods she had to offer. This morning I did, and got a pair of sweet potato biscuits with ham.

2016-06-25 08.26.38

Normally I find a table or park bench at the Market and eat there as I watch the world go by. Yesterday, it was so blasted humid that I had no interest of staying. I had on a printed T-shirt and the print was surrounded by a puddle of sweat. I took the biscuits home to eat. For such a delightful breakfast, I had to break out the fine china:

2016-06-25 08.28.27

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “I recognize your china pattern. It’s called ‘Dixie’ isn’t it?”


It’s called “Cheap Kroger Knock-Off.”

Anyway, the biscuits were a treat for my taste buds, and at $2, really no more expensive than if you drove through Burger King for breakfast. They also have a 9-pack if you want to feed the entire family.

Carrington has her table divided, with savories on one side and sweets on the other. Check out her selection – you are sure to find something you will love to eat. She said that the sweet potato biscuits surprise people, and they sure surprised me. I will be back for more goodies in the weeks to come.