Thursday update #2

A golf-themed entertainment center may be coming to Downtown. Memphis is attempting to lure TopGolf to the tourism district in the area around Bass Pro Shop at the Pyramid and St. Jude. Landing TopGolf would add 400-500 jobs Downtown.

Many of you remember watching Sesame Street every day in your childhood. I did too. In a surprising move, the show laid off 40+ year cast members Gordon, Luis, and Bob this week. WWE Hall of Famer The Iron Sheik was one of many who disagreed:

My visit to the Court Square food truck rodeo this week led to my discovery of a food truck I did not know about: Rice Burner. They serve mobile Japanese cuisine with Southern Style. Their Down South fried rice is one of their biggest hits.

The Art of Living-Memphis is our city’s branch of one of the world’s largest volunteer-based nonprofits dedicated to creating a stress-free, violence-free society. This Sunday, July 31, the Memphis chapter will host free yoga at Tom Lee Park at 7 AM. Beginners and advanced practitioners alike are welcome. If you didn’t make it to Tom Lee this year for BBQ Fest, you still have a chance to come on down to the park for some yoga!

The Memphis Flyer reports that there is a new grant program to fund ideas for the activation of public space in the Medical Center District. $1000, $2500, and $5000 grants will be awarded beginning Monday. If I have any readers who live in The Edge District, the Medical Center District’s boundaries include your ‘hood too, stretching all the way west to Fourth on Madison, Monroe, and Union. More information and grant application here.

Recipe time: Cinnamon-banana cupcakes baked with Fireball

The donut shop at 8 S. Main is now selling a hot dog combo, where you can get a hot dog with chips and a drink for $3.95. Why drive all the way to Union and Pauline for a hot dog from Burger King, when you can now get one right here on the Main Street Mall?

Arsenal vs the MLS All-Stars will be shown tonight at the Brass Door at 6:30. Although Seamus will be at the game watching it live, you can still come watch it at the bar. Happy Hour throughout the game, and $3 Jameson shots (see Clay I spelled it right that time) every time Arsenal scores.

That’s this afternoon’s news. Heading to happy hour.