Saturday update

The Beale Street Holiday Parade has been announced for Saturday, December 3 from 4 to 5 PM. For newcomers to Downtown Memphis, the first Saturday in December is always a huge day with many events (some would say too many) happening within a 24 hour span. The day kicks off early in the morning with the St. Jude Marathon. The parade happens in the afternoon. As if the bars weren’t already crowded enough with people post-gaming the marathon and pre-gaming the parade, it’s SEC Championship Game Day which fills ’em up even more. That evening at 7 the Grizzlies host the Lakers. Also at 7 that evening the Stumbling Santa Pub Crawl begins at the Flying Saucer, attracting over 1200 Santas. Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats play the New Daisy at 8. My advice is, figure out in advance what you want to do on December 3. Allow extra, extra travel time if you are driving Downtown, especially in the morning when the marathon is ongoing.

It’s funny… I get questions all the time about, “Paul, when are the trolleys coming back?” I thought I would finally have an answer to pass along when my weekly High Ground News email showed up in my inbox and one of the headlines was “Trolleys on Track for 2017 Comeback.” But when I clicked on the link, I got “Server error in ‘/’ application.” Nothing against the excellent High Ground News, but that was just SO appropriate for a news story from any source discussing the return of the trolleys.

(By the way, as a web developer, I recognized an ASP.NET error when I saw it.)

The Memphis Redbirds have unveiled their season membership packages for 2017. There are full, half, and quarter membership packages available, and all three include the “Battle of the Birds” (March 30 St. Louis Cardinals vs. the Redbirds) game. Season members also receive other perks, such as a St. Louis Cardinals ticket voucher for the 2017 season, guaranteed gate giveaways, priority for playoff and special event tickets, and the opportunity to watch a fireworks show and batting practice from field level.

There are also two mini-memberships available, each consisting of five games plus the Battle of the Birds. Both packages include Opening Day April 11 and multiple fireworks nights. Visit the Redbirds website to learn more about seasonal and mini membership packages. To learn more about the Battle of the Birds, go here.

Here are the dates of the mini memberships:

There’s an Assistant Director position open at the Art Museum at the University of Memphis.

Have trouble remembering your passwords when they have to contain an upper and lower case letter, a number, and a special character? MakeUseOf has a smart trick for coming up with secure passwords that you won’t forget.

America has another pro-wrestler-turned-politican, this one running for the Michigan House of Representatives. However, this is not a retired wrestler as Jesse “The Body” Ventura was when he ran for the governorship of Minnesota. Current WWE Smackdown tag team champion Rhyno is on the campaign trail, having won the Republican primary for the seat by 56 votes.

A new social network has come out of beta. Many people find outlets like Reddit and Twitter too much to handle. There’s a comparison to the Wild West, where fights break out and everyone speaks at the top of their lungs. Imzy is a network for people who want to keep discourse civil, where people can discuss their common interests in a warm and gentle online environment. Kinda sounds like a network those who attend the Civil Pour events at Loflin Yard would enjoy. Trolls are not welcome on Imzy, but when they do show up, those on the network try to kill the trolls with kindness, or at least that’s the hope. Don’tcha just hate those crazy trolls?

Want to win a Madison Hotel getaway? The package includes a King Suite, a dining voucher to eighty3, drinks at eighty3 or Twilight Sky Terrace, and valet parking. All you have to do is stop by Twilight Sky Terrace on the rooftop of the Madison anytime today through Halloween, take a photo on the terrace of yourself in your Halloween costume, and post your pic tagged with the hashtag #TwilightHalloween. There is no cost to enter, and the winner will be determined by the number of likes and shares.

Time to hit Publish and get the scissors out. I need to cut pocket holes in the pants of my Halloween costume so that I will have easy access to my phone, money, ID, etc. in the pockets of the shorts I will be wearing underneath. “That guy who’s constantly reaching inside his pants” is not a good look, even at a Halloween party. I hope I don’t ruin the costume with the scissors. When I bought the entire thing – shirt, pants and an accessory – on Amazon for $19.95 I’m not exactly expecting durable fabric.

I hope to see you tonight! Suggestion for my friends attending Sinners for Saints Halloween Ball II – if you do any grocery shopping today, ask for extra ones back at the cash register so you’ll have tip money for the people handing you beer, wine, specialty drinks, and craft Jello shots at the party. Happy Halloween Eve Eve!