The limo lives on and more Thursday news

I’m sure some of my readers took the Double J limo to Grizzlies games last season. It was so convenient – you could park in South Main, away from all the hustle and bustle of the Beale Street Entertainment District with all its traffic and parking garages. You could get a snack at Double J and then catch a limo ride to the game and then back to your car.

Well, this season the Downtown Double J location is no more, as the owners closed it to focus on the West Memphis location and their new food truck business. What does that mean for the limo? Is it no more as well? Do you have to go to West Memphis to catch limo rides to the Grizzlies now?

No, in fact you can still catch limo rides from South Main, practically in the same location as before! The limo will be picking Grizzlies fans up from Max’s Sports Bar, right across the street from the former Double J, and giving them rides to the games and back. This service will be provided throughout the entire season.

The Fourth Bluff has announced some of the vendors that will be at the Downtown ice skating rink Friday and Saturday. KPreSha Boutique will be there, as will as Traci Lynn Jewelry and Downtown Candle Co.

“Million Dollar Quartet,” the upcoming CMT television series which spent 70 hours and $6 million filming in Memphis, has been renamed “Sun Records.” The TV show was originally based on the story of an impromptu 1956 jam session between Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis. However, it has evolved into a look into the music universe created by Sun Records and its founder, Sam Phillips. The series will premiere February 23.

I want to send a shout-out to Draper’s Catering. They catered holiday brunch at my office yesterday and did an outstanding job. Look at this plate of food!


If was an office brunch, so no, there were no mimosas or PBR. I did brunch wrong though, violating an important rule: If it’s green, there’s no room for it on your plate. Look at that salad, taking up valuable bacon space! Suggestion for caterers: Put a sign near the salad saying “There’s bacon later in the buffet, save room.”

I finally found the menu online for Belle Tavern, the bar with the entrance in Barboro Alley half a block east of Main. Go to their website, give the background a few seconds to load, and either click the word menu or scroll down. That may seem obvious, but I’ve visited their website a couple of times before and the first thing I saw was UNDER CONSTRUCTION in big letters. I assumed “there’s nothing here yet” and left without looking around. They really need to get that message off their main page. If you’re a bar and you have your hours, your menu, and your cocktail menu listed, your website is not under construction. You may still have further improvements planned, but with those elements you have a functional website.

Streets Ministries is the third recipient of a grant funded by Beale Bucks that were not cashed in. On Saturday nights, there has been a $10 cover on Beale, with those paying getting $7 in Beale Bucks to spend in the entertainment district. Streets Ministries serves Memphis’ toughest neighborhoods, providing a safe environment for students as well as educational, athletic, spiritual, and mentor-based programming.

Off to work. I may have more news at lunchtime.