Thursday update

Downtown is going to be busy the next three days, as Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood come to FedExForum. Shows are tonight at 7:30, tomorrow at 7, and Saturday at 3 and again at 7:30.

The Silly Goose has started a fun new promotion on Grizzlies game nights. Most of you have probably heard of “squares,” where you put your name in one of the squares on a 10×10 square board. Right before the game starts, digits 0-9 are randomly placed at the left and top of the board. If at a certain time, the combination of the Grizzlies’ score and the opponent’s score intersects at your square, you win. The game is free to play and each customer gets four squares. If the score matches your square at the end of the first quarter, you win a $10 gift card; $25 gift card for the halftime score; $10 card for the score at the end of the third quarter; and $50 card for the final score. You must be present to win.

Here is a copy of President Trump’s Black History Month program of events. In case you missed it, Trump spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast this morning and said he wanted to pray for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Apprentice” ratings, which are lagging woefully behind those of his own. Nope, that’s definitely not narcissistic behavior or anything.

Charvey Mac will play the Blind Bear Friday night. I know a lot of my friends will be excited about a rare Charvey appearance at the Bear.

Something I learned yesterday that I didn’t know: Miss Cordelia’s gives you 25 cents off your grocery purchase for every reusable bag you use. You also have the option of donating the savings to charity.

A study has found that eating ice cream for breakfast may improve mental performance and alertness.

If you have any reason to travel to Little Rock and are a fan of craft beer, you might want to make note of this tweet:

The @WooPigBrewey account is a good one to follow to keep up with craft beer in Arkansas, some of which could eventually expand to the Memphis market.

Back at work today, and this is something I never thought I would say but it feels good to be sitting in this cubicle. It feels like things are getting back to normal in my life. I will continue my normal behavior with stops at the Silly Goose and Blind Bear after work. No I am not going to any of the Garth Brooks shows. Back tomorrow with more news.