Saturday update

Every Saturday Ghost River does Small Shop Saturday in its taproom from noon to 4, allowing people to discover the works of a local vendor while enjoying locally made craft beer. This week’s vendor is Michelle Duckworth, an illustrator who does children’s illustrations and anything else requiring a whimsical and slightly peculiar slant. Today you can expect to find wood paintings, colorful pieces, cute paintings, and more.

I was in Belle Tavern a couple of evenings ago and noticed they have added a new thing on Tuesday nights: live music by South Side Supper Club. Very happy to see this talented band getting a gig in the Downtown core. I have heard them several times and they are well worth checking out. If you’re not familiar with the tavern, the entrance is in the alley between Main and Second, half a block south of Union.

Beer and history, who can beat that? One month from today, Saturday, March 18, Elmwood Cemetery will host Suds & Stories. Meet in the chapel at 1 PM for stories about the men and women of the Emerald Coast who rest at Elmwood. Cost is $15 and advance registration is required.

Don’t miss this High Ground News story about South Main Book Juggler. In an era when many bookstores are closing, Jean and Clayton are bringing the works of local and regional authors to South Main. They are wonderful people. If you are a reader, go see them. I am sure they can make a recommendation if you are looking for a particular genre.

I don’t know if I have any readers who are vegetarians and who love dogs, but on the off-chance that I do, Zaka Bowl out in East Memphis will donate 20% of the proceeds from sales this weekend to Streetdog Foundation, an organization that fosters and adopts dogs.

In other dog related news… I don’t know if I have any readers who love dogs and who work at a brewery, but on the off-chance that I do, you might be interested in this story of a brewery in Scotland that offers puppy paternity leave. If you adopt a puppy, you get a week off work to play with your new puppy and bond with it.

Trolley Stop Market is currently hiring part-time employees.

This is awesome:

Where else but Paul Ryburn’s Journal are you going to go to learn important scientific facts. Take this one, for example:

I’m going to lead off at Bardog today at 11. I hope I don’t encounter proof that the statement above is true.

It will be a short stay at Bardog, though, because at noon I will be at the Silly Goose for the Moody Ques board meeting. The Public Relations Committee – Director Paul, Deputy Director Perjorie, Buddha, and Ian – met Sunday 1/29 and I plan on giving the board a full report. Some have asked if I will hand the team website over to my troll, now that she’s Deputy Director. Having seen her guest posts, I don’t think that’s a good idea. I fear we’d get a bunch of selfies and minimal team news. I’m also concerned she would use the website to recruit other trolls to the team, and really, one is more than enough.

Team members, feel free to stop by if you want. I went to board meetings all the time before I actually became a board member. I am going to push for us to have a full team meeting sometime in March.

All right, that’s the news for now. I’m going to watch the rat video about 20 more times and then do a bunch of laundry, now that “Squeaky,” my dryer, has been replaced. Back tomorrow with more news. Look for a Moody Ques website update (by me) sometime next week.