Wednesday morning update

Looking to pick up some temp work? Fourth Bluff is hiring a Data Entry Operator that would be about 80 hours total.

Zoey Goto is a London-based fashion writer and author of a new book, Elvis Style: From Zoot Suits to Jumpsuits. She will be coming to Memphis Wednesday, April 12 to host a book launch event at Lansky at the Peabody from 5 to 6 PM. The full-color book will highlight not only his musical influence, but his influence in contemporary design culture. Elvis signed his first contract with RCA at the Peabody, and Bernard Lansky was the clothier who dressed the King. Hal Lansky, Bernard’s son, wrote the foreword to the book.

Jack Pirtle’s is collecting children’s books at all locations. They will be donated to Books from Birth, a program that gets books in the hands of children 1-5 for free. Pirtle’s already has 1500 books but needs more. A book in a child’s hands provides the promise of a better future. As someone who learned to read at age 3 because my grandmother sat me in her lap and made sure I could see the words as she read, I can see lots of value in this program. I remember having a big advantage in elementary school because I learned to read early.

Starting Friday at 9 AM and lasting for three days, Poplar will be closed between Front and Second, so plan accordingly. The closure is to allow setup of a cooling tower at 170 N. Main.

As of January, the average time for a 911 call to be answered in Memphis is down to 8.6 seconds. Congratulations to Mayor Strickland and his team on this badly needed improvement to city services!

The blog tackles the question, is winter over? For Memphis, probably it is. Except for Saturday, we are looking at highs above 60 for the rest of February. The first half of March’s outlook is for above normal temps. The latter half of March may see temps slightly below normal, but a high of 60 is slightly below normal at that point in the year. This was close to a perfect winter – we got a snow day on a Friday, where it snowed overnight so drivers weren’t already at work, and then it was warm most of the rest of the season. I love it!

How did Old Dominick Distillery find room to put in grain silos that would store up to 100,000 pounds? Find out here.

I will probably be back at lunchtime with a second post. Off to work for now.