Tuesday update

Selection Sunday has happened! There are many websites with NCAA tournament brackets, but the one I prefer is FiveThirtyEight’s bracket. Mouse over any team to see the team’s chances of winning each round. The bracket is updated with new probabilities as play happens.

The bracket is of particular interest to Memphis this year, because the semifinals and finals of the South Regional will be held at FedExForum Friday the 24th and Sunday the 26th. The top four seeds are North Carolina, Kentucky, UCLA, and Butler. Yep, most likely we’re going to have Coach Cal back in his old stomping grounds for the weekend.

Also in the South: The Arkansas Razorbacks. The Hogs are an 8 seed, playing 9 Seton Hall at 11:30 AM Friday on TNT. I’m going to be realistic about Arkansas’ chances and not go around saying “IT’S GONN BEE ARRR YEARRR” like fans of a certain football team clad in orange. Arkansas is neither overrated nor underrated right now. “The third best team in a mediocre conference” is an accurate description. I expect the Hogs to beat Seton Hall to make the round of 32. I will be rooting for them to beat North Carolina, but most likely Arkansas is going to get clobbered.

Prediction: The West bracket will be full of upsets. I would not be surprised to see a double-digit seed make it to the Final Four out of the West.

If you care about the tournament that no one really cares about, here’s the NIT bracket.

If you want to see the Flying Saucer as we know and love it one last time, get by there this week. It will soon close for $150,000 worth of renovations. Expect a large expansion in the kitchen. I was in there Sunday, and there are a lot of good beers on the Just Landed board that are excellent values. Christina took good care of me as always. She even found a special-sized glass so my troll could enjoy the IPA on Fire Sale.

You don’t see a whole lot of live music Downtown other than Beale Street on Sunday nights, but the Blind Bear is making an exception. On Sunday, March 26, Grace Askew plays the Bear at 9 PM.

Hey look, I got mentioned on Carbunkle Trumpet! It’s a post about panhandlers and the scams they pull off.

Ozzlee plays the alley next to The Brass Door for St. Patrick’s Day Friday night.

Sunday I learned that canned cheeseburgers exist. That sounds disgusting.

More Beer Bracket Unfiltered from the Memphis Flyer: Here’s the interview they did with Andy and Drew from Memphis Made to prepare this week’s cover story.

Blue Beat blues sensation Quinn DeVeaux makes his Downtown debut at the Silly Goose tonight.

Sorry for no post yesterday. Wasn’t feeling well. Possibly back at lunchtime with more news.