Great Streets Kick-off party preview

In anticipation of tonight’s Great Streets party on Peabody Place, I went down there yesterday afternoon to get some photos of the new seating and other pedestrian amenities on the street.

Looking west from Main toward Front Street, tables and chairs have been set up next to the Gayoso House.

Benches at the intersection of Main and Peabody Place. There are also many bike racks for those who choose to ride their bikes to the area.

Seating in front of the Silly Goose. The Goose can legally serve drinks on this section of the pedestrian promenade. They are bringing in a server to work the party tonight to ensure speedy service if you sit out there.

A view from one of the tables in front of the Silly Goose

More tables in front of the Flying Saucer at Peabody Place and Second

One thing you may have noticed about all these tables – there’s nobody sitting at them! That’s to be expected. Yesterday, when I took the photos, was the first weekday with the pedestrian promenade fully open. People are still getting used to the new street. Also, I took the photos at the height of the summer afternoon, and it was pretty hot. Once the sun dipped behind the Waterford to the west of the street, the seating became much more inviting. Good news for the party tonight – is predicting a high of only 86 – 5 degrees below normal for this time of year – with a northeast wind of 7 miles an hour and a 0% chance of rain. Comfortable humidity levels are expected too.

For those who haven’t heard of the Great Streets Kick-off Party, it happens tonight on the section of Peabody Place shown above, 5 to 9 PM. There will be sidewalk sales by retail shops, restaurants and bars in the area. Free photos in the Amurica photo booth, and MEMPopS will be selling their frozen pops. Chinese Connection Dub Embassy will perform. Sprock ‘n Roll party bikes will be giving rides. The project is organized by the Downtown Memphis Commission and is made possible by the city’s division of engineering and the Urban Art Commission.

I’m excited about the party tonight! Come down and say hello!