Wednesday update #2

Normally going to Collierville is something I would not recommend in this blog, but you might want to consider it Saturday. The second annual Collierville Brew Fest happens at Carriage Crossing from 4 to 7 PM this Saturday, September 23. Guests can sample craft beer from local and regional breweries as well as homebrew teams. The Carriage Crossing restaurants will have food samples. There will be live music by The Young Petty Thieves, game zone activities, and the Amurica photo booth. Love the FAQ section at the bottom of the event listing – no matter what question you have about the event, the answer is “Your answer goes here.”

YOGA! Ghost River will host Sumits Yoga + Beer Benefit #2 this Thursday in their taproom. $15 includes an all-levels yoga class followed by a 10 oz. Ghost River beer. Sign in 5:30-6:00, yoga class 6:00-7:00, then beer. There is a maximum of 25 so be sure to register ASAP. Bring your own mat, water, and of course your ID since you’re going to be drinking. Proceeds from this event benefit the Grizzlies Prep Academy.

Give it away, give it away, give it away now, YOGA! Tomorrow, Thursday, September 21, Downtown Yoga will have Give it Away Day. Every person who takes a yoga class at the studio tomorrow will get a gift. Giveaways could be a yoga mat, a yoga class pass, a ride on Sprock’n’roll party bike, a visit to Memphis Escape Rooms, or one of various other goodies. Downtown Yoga will have classes throughout the day at a variety of levels. Have a look at the schedule to pick your class.

Some great local beer hits stores this week.

Holly has information on this fall’s River Series at Harbor Town. The series kicks off this Sunday, September 24 with Amy Lavere and Will Sexton with the Moon Glimmers.

Holly also has info on Puppies Now, Babies Later, an event organized by Wolf River Animal Rescue and Loflin Yard, at Loflin Yard 2-5 PM Sunday. Bring your own dog or meet an adoptable rescue dog. There will be giveaways and the event is family-friendly. When did people start using the term “doggo” all the time? I never saw that until this year.

If you listen to a lot of podcasts, Lifehacker has a tip on the best podcast search engine. It has indexed 18,000,000 different episodes of 300,000 different podcasts.

With the Triple-A championship game over, the St. Louis Cardinals have recalled Aledmys Diaz and Josh Lucas from the Redbirds.

From Newsweek: Famous primatologist Jane Goodall says Donald Trump is like an aggressive chimp and may not last long as president.

If you’ve heard the name “Paul Manafort” but you’ve never been exactly sure who he is or why he’s in the news so much, this article does an excellent job laying out his history and his ties to foreign governments.

That’s it for now. I’ll hit the Silly Goose happy hour after work as I usually do on Wednesdays. Back tomorrow with more.