Sunday update

I have a recommendation for my readers… go to City Market on a Friday night and get a piece of tiramisu for $7.99. It’s a huge piece and I have resisted the temptation to buy one for quite some time because it seemed like a lot to spend for dessert. But, do it. You can snack on it over the course of a weekend and it is so good. If you’re a couple you can take it out of the plastic box and put it on a plate and get two forks and share it. I didn’t bother taking it out of the plastic box.

Speaking of sweets, Two Girls and a Whip opens Tuesday. This is a cakery/cupcakery that has been talked about for a while. Any idea for what you want a cake to be, no matter how off the wall, these women can make it happen. Go talk to them next time you have a birthday, anniversary or whatever to plan for. They’re at 383 S. Front at Huling.

Little Rock blog The Mighty Rib made a stop in Memphis to visit The Dirty Crow Inn, just about a half a mile from the Mississippi bridge. Read what they had to say.

Couple of photos from yesterday:

Tony celebrated Pride Week yesterday at the Blind Bear. He was looking butch in his lumberjack shirt, always a good choice when it’s 80 outside. He commented “this is how the men dress in Portland.” Okay then.

Guess who’s coming to Best Memphis Burger Fest this Saturday!

Yep! B-RAD is off work Saturday! Although an invited guest of the Moody Ques, I am sure Brad will visit other teams as well. Feel free to ask him anything you want about me. He knows me well and I have nothing to hide. Also, other teams, notice if any of your invited guests scurry away like bugs running for a crack in the asphalt when they see him. Some people just can’t handle the truth. People have actually unfriended him because he’s too vocal about me.

Just in time for Halloween, there will be a class about potions on Sunday, October 15 at 7 N. Main.

Here’s a cooking blog post about goose eggs. And speaking of goose eggs, how bout dem Tennessee Vols! Not all the orange shoelaces in the world could save the Vols from the special needs adult known as their head coach. The Dawgs of Georgia put a 41-0 whoopin’ on Tennessee. First shutout since 1994. We sure didn’t see much of that trash can yesterday!

That’ll do it for now! Off to Sunday brunch. Back tomorrow with more news.