A visit to the Memphis Made taproom

Yesterday was a slow day Downtown, so I decided to hop into a Lyft and go visit my friend Hannah who bartends at Aldo’s Midtown. Having had pizza four times in the past 7 days, I wasn’t in the mood for more of the same. So, after putting down a PBR, I decided to wander next door and see what food truck was at the Memphis Made taproom.

What a great place they have there. High quality brews on tap, pinball machines. Fun place to be.

Eddy’s Pepper was the food truck.

I ordered the Cotton Mouth Quesadilla with ground beef.

They had a vast array of hot sauces to apply to your food.

Perhaps the scariest pepper sauce of all is the clear one. I stayed away from this sauce.

I was impressed by the prices at Eddy’s Pepper. A good portion of food for not a lot of money. And I like the food truck concept at breweries. You get something different every day, so you never get bored with the food. The one day Memphis Made is open that they don’t have food trucks, you can grab a snack from Aldo’s next door.

A fun little Sunday excursion. If you like great beer, give the Memphis Made taproom a try.